Our People: Knowledgable and Experienced

Jeff Krake
Managing Director

Jeff is a well known identity within the Australian steel industry and possesses over 25 years of industry experience.  As the Managing Director of The Steel Market Jeff focusses on ensuring the products his business offers are of consistent high quality and that his staff are knowledgeable and customer focussed.

Phone: 0422 000 111
Email: jeff@thesteelmarket.com.au

Andrew Sinclair
Director Logistics

Andrew is a Director of The Steel Market and takes responsibility for stock, warehousing and logistics.  His goal is to ensure that the business maintains adequate stock levels of high quality products and that these are delivered to customers on time every time. 

Phone: 0432 201 532
Email: andrew@thesteelmarket.com.au

Fred Payne
Senior Sales Executive

Fred possesses 25 years of experience in the steel industry and has the knowledge and experience to ensure that The Steel Market’s customers get the right products at the right price..

Phone: 0401 625 691
Email: fred@thesteelmarket.com.au

Ken Harrison
Senior Sales Executive

Ken possesses 28 years of experience in the steel industry and similar to Fred has the product knowledge and industry experience to deliver a great customer experience every time.

Phone: 0478721075
Email: ken@thesteelmarket.com.au

Adrian Rouse 
Senior Sales Executive

Adrian possesses over 20 years of experience in the steel industry. Based at the Queensland site he has a vast amount of product knowledge and industry experience to ensure our Queensland clients are well looked after.

Phone: 0478 054 207 
Email: adrian@thesteelmarket.com.au

Brett O’Farrell 
Senior Sales Executive

Brett recently joined the growing Queensland team and is an excellent source of knowledge and advice for businesses and DIY’s that are looking for quality product advice.

Phone: 0466 512 905 
Email: brett@thesteelmarket.com.au

Carly Lawrence
Administration Manager

Carly has been involved in administrative management in the steel industry for 10 years and is focussed on ensuring The Steel Market’s systems, processes and work flows are of industry best practice standard.

Phone: 1300 100 876
Email: carly@thesteelmarket.com.au